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I've stopped trying to make myself do things I don't want to do. Burned out at work, quit my job, became long-term unemployed. The world is going off-kilter, the horizons for comprehensible futures are shrinking, and I don't see any grand individual-scale quest to claw your way from the damned into the elect.

How many users you can point to who started out making posts that regularly got downvoted to negative karma and later became good contributors? Or, alternatively, specific ideas that were initially only presented by users who got regularly downvoted that were later recognized as correct and valuable? My starting assumption is that it's basically wishful thinking that this would happen much under any community circumstances, people who write badly will mostly keep writing badly and people who end up writing outstanding stuff mostly start out writing better than average stuff.

Please do not vote without an explanatory comment (votes are convenient for moderators, but are poor intellectual etiquette, sans information that would permit the “updating” of beliefs).

This post has terrible writing style, based on your posting history you've been here for a year, writing similarly badly styled posts, people have commented on the style, and you have neither engaged the comments nor tried to improve your writing style. Why shouldn't people just downvote and move on at this point?

Is this your first time running into Zack's stuff? You sound like you're talking to someone showing up out of nowhere with a no-context crackpot manuscript and has zero engagement with community. Zack's post is about his actual engagement with the community over a decade, we've seen a bunch of the previous engagement (in pretty much the register we see here so this doesn't look like an ongoing psychotic break), he's responsive to comments and his thesis generally makes sense. This isn't drive-by crackpottery and it's on LessWrong because it's about LessWrong.

Record-keeping isn't enough to make you a scientist. People might be making careful records and then analyzing them badly, and if there's no actual effect going on selection effect will leave you with a community of misanalyzers.

The PDF is shown in full for me when I scroll down the page, here's an capture in case this is some sort of intermittent A/B testing thing.

The post reads like a half-assed college essay where you're going through the motions of writing without things really coming together. Heavy on the structure, there's no clear thread of rhetoric progressing through it, and it's hard to get a clear sense where you're coming from with the whole thing. The overall impression is just list of disjointed arguments, essay over.

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