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A limit to punishment

2 min read
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Some mind experiments

1 min read
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Qualitative differences

5 min read
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It is threatening people just to test you. We can assume that Its behavior is completely different from ours. So Tom's argument still works.

The fact that he is not willing to kill his grandmother to save the chickens doesn't imply that chickens have 0 value or that his grandmother has infinite value. Consider the problem from an egocentric point of view: to be responsible for one's grandmother's death feels awful, but also dedicating y...(read more)

To be more precise: let's assume that the time will be quite short (5 second for example), in this case I think it is really better to let billions of people suffer 5 second of bearable pain than to let one person suffer 5 second of unbearable pain. After all, people can stand a bearable pain by def...(read more)

I think it's worst for 3^999999999 people to feel two dust specks than for 3^1000000000 people to feel one dust speck. After all the next step is that it is worst for 3^1000000000 people to feel one dust speck than for 3^1000000001 people to feel less than one dust speck, which seem right.

I think that we “speckists” see injuries as poisons: they can destroy people lives only if they reach a certain concentration. So a greater but far more diluted pain can be less dangerous than a smaller but more concentrated one. 50 and 49 years of torture are still far over the threshold. One or tw...(read more)

But consider this: the last exemplars of each species of hominids could reproduce with the firs exemplars of the following. However, we probably wouldn’t be able to reproduce with Homo habilis. This shows that small differences sum as the distance between the examined subjects increases, until we c...(read more)

Suppose that the qualitative difference is between bearable and unbearable, in other words things that are over o below the pain tolerance. A pain just below pain tolerance when experienced for a small quantity of time will remain bearable; however, if it is prolonged for lots of time it will become...(read more)

Thanks for the informations.

I am rather new here and I would like to ask: what are the criterions that a post must respect to be put in the front page? How can I improve to reach such criterions?