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Caledonian, joking in which way?

If you can't make the argument that the invasion is saving lives, and if you can't make the argument that it's costing lives, you don't belong in the argument.

<p>As to the separate "cowardice" debate in this thread--relevant to bias because the label is being rejected because of political bias--let me ask this.</p>

<p>A man loses his job, can't find another, can't support his family, and so kills himself. Bravery?<br> A woman gets divorced, fears being ...(read more)

<p>A few points.</p>

<p>I also, on 9/11, thought, and in fact could see, that we'd overreact. I was in a bar where the average opinion was expressed as "just bomb'em, just bomb'em to pieces." I was there saying "bomb who?" I would have said "bomb whom" but it wasn't that kind of bar.</p>

<p>But...(read more)

Denis Bider: if the response to 9/11 prevents many future deaths, than the original post ISN'T "entirely correct." But to those who can't comprehend the possibility that the so-called overreaction might have saved lives, consider that Al Quaeda was escalating attacks until it got the desired respo...(read more)

I'd say they were cowards. Suicide isn't an act of bravery. Murdering the defenseless isn't an act of bravery. Even murdering soldiers in peacetime, when they aren't expecting attack, is cowardly. I still remember a kid who hit me from behind on the street once, because he was too much of a puss...(read more)

OMG, LOL: trying to convince the most extemely bigoted people--religionists--of the stupidity of their bigotry. You fall victim to the usual intellectual Catch 22: no one sufficiently open-minded as to follow your argument IS a religionist; no religionist is sufficiently open-minded to follow your ...(read more)

National Native American Genocide Day?

You couldn't have been so ignorant and biased as to actually have written that, could you?

There are no native americans, unless you count me, who was born here. The so-called native americans were Asian immigrants. The so-called genocide was disease, not o...(read more)