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Is it generally accepted that an aligned super-intelligence will prevent other super-intelligences from existing?

Even so, how are you to tell that other people think the knowledge you are gathering is valuable and valid? Rather easy, sell your knowledge to others’ benefit.

Knowledge without knowledge of salesmanship is rarely sell-able. On the other hand, not-valueble and invalid knowledge with knowledge of salesmanship is highly sell-able and unfortunately rampant.

This over-exploited surface layer of making something appear more valuable than it really is --  through marketing, advertising, and salesmanship -- enables value to be to be faked. Collectively, we succumb to schemes like this on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for writing this!

Some books that have really helped in my understanding of this topic are Self Compassion, Good Morning I love you, and The Gifts of Imperfection

I remember when my therapist first suggested practicing self compassion, I felt like I had discovered something that would benefit me in any situation for the rest of my life. In practice, I often lapse into old self critical habits fairly easily, but when I find myself returning to my practice of self-love consistently, things quickly turn around. I think developing a consistent practice of self-love that you feel on an emotional level, rather than just an intellectual level is the key.

The analogy that really helps motivate me to stick with the practice is that of learning a new piano piece. At first, your fingers feel awkward and you use enormous energy to not make mistakes and still you often do, but as you keep with it, you will soon find yourself intuitively and effortlessly playing the piece. I think that this is the ideal level for self love to reside and benefit your life. Practicing it at first feels awkward and forced, but over time, it becomes an intuitive response that arises in moments that you most need it, moments where self-love is often the opposite response to your default one.

I am actually attempting to develop a meditation/mental health app with this philosophy at the center: daily mindful/emotional practice of self love. I think that it's one thing to engage the material intellectually in the form of books and audiobooks, but another entirely to soak in it day after day, mindfully and slowly. It's still in it's early phases but I'd love to hear your thoughts.