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Working Through the Controlled Demolition Conspiracy

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"Thank you for updating"

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I too am a member of the Ohio Less Wrong group. I was quite surprised to see this topic come up in Discussion, but I approve wholeheartedly.

My thoughts on the subject are leaning heavily towards the current equivalent of an 'elevator pitch' we have already: the Welcome to Less Wrong piece on the [...(read more)

At the Ohio meetup I speculated that marijuana may be useful for getting a higher score on creativity tests such as [Guilford’s Alternative Uses Task](

I have not tested this idea, just speculated about it. For all I know, the experiment has been...(read more)

Upvoted for bringing up the intelligence community's viewpoint on trust. I would say we could find some very interesting research on trust from that area. I think that because the intelligence community seems to be adversarial to a large degree. The problem of the double agent or mole, for example, ...(read more)

>I hate breaking my routine. It makes me anxious, and I have to spend more energy motivating myself, and in general it’s hard. I tend to only depart from that routine when forced.

One of the most important things I consider myself to have **ever** done is break out of my routine. It is scarring in...(read more)

Would you consider yourself naturally rational, shminux? I am curious where you stand on the nature vs. nurture divide, particularly regarding rationality.

I think this would be great. I don't live in Columbus anymore, I live in Springfield, so Brookville is very close to me. I could show up very regularly!

Feynman is a good one to try to imitate. Sagan seems like a good choice as well.