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I'm struggling to make the connection too. Things are made of parts, and by spending $12 on dinner I'm trading money for nutrients and satisfaction and time saved by not making dinner myself. So what's the thing in this context and what are the parts? Is the thing the act of buying dinner, the parts the $12 I put in and the good things I get out? If I put the $12 to something else, I also lose the nutrients and satisfaction and time, so that doesn't work out. 

Maybe the currencies are the things, and the parts are whatever unit is appropriate for that currency? Money is made out of dollars (or pounds, etc), time is made out of seconds/minutes/etc, pleasure is subjective, but you could still imagine units of pleasure, and so on. By buying an ice cream, I can take a chunk off my block of money and attach it to my block of pleasure, and during this action the money chunk gets converted into a pleasure chunk, I guess?

Are we supposed to keep writing bugs and feature requests on prompts 3-5? I don't think it would hurt, and I did write more, but I'm not sure if that's what's intended.

>What follows is a historical artifact—the rough state-of-the-art at the time the handbook was written, circa 2017.

The PDF hosted on CFAR's website is dated January 2021. Is that version of the handbook more up-to-date than this one?