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Obama has just spiked in the last hour or so to 62% on Intrade. The early poll numbers seemed encouraging and it seems everyone is taking Eliezer's advice to heart.


Or, one could do what noted Law scholar and hero of secular humanists Alan Dershowitz calls for, which is destroy the families, homes and towns of the attackers. He has explicitly argued that Israel should destroy the entire town of every Palestinian attacker.

The fact that Dershowitz can say something so obviously hateful and still be considered a sane member of society is another manifestation of the spiral of hate that has gripped this nation.

Brilliant! I like how this post is an annotated bibliography to many of your previous posts. This is really handy for this website. The one gripe I have with this website is how inconvenient it is to read old posts. It would be great if one could display articles by an author in one place.

Alternatively, it would be a great idea if you wrote something like this for ALL your previous posts, and for all future posts once a month or so.