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I admit I'm at best a spotty follower of OB, so I'm probably out of my depth commenting here. But I did read the short fiction "Three Worlds Collide" (or something to that effect, apologies if I'm mistaken) from a few weeks back and I must say I'm sensing a parallel between that story (or my interpretation thereof) and this post on formative youth.

I might have developed different feelings about [value/taste] if I had never experienced [seemingly arbitrary/trivial childhood experience]. What does that say about my values?

The Babyeaters might have developed different feelings about baby-eating absent the first (couple? (hundred?)) random mutation(s) that led them down the path of an evolved sense of righteousness w/r/t baby-eating. What does that say about baby-eating? What does it say about my values?

I want to say that the answer is "not much". My values may be the product of random or arbitrary experiences (my own and others), but I value them nonetheless being aware of this fact.

If I missed the point, kindly redirect me to it.