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Changing my life in 2021, halfway through


Your ML study guide seems nice, I'll probably need it in a year or two, waiting for improved versions :)

About diet, have you tried soylent or derivatives? I'm gonna try it, seems like a good way to save time.

Qria's Shortform

I think most people don't think the last enemy can be defeated, like in Bostrom's Fable. Or at least not in their lifetimes, so they better spend resources on something else.

Often, enemies really are innately evil.

it's not that people are innately evil, it's that they've learned a bad strategy to get what they want

what if sometimes it is not a bad strategy, but the only strategy?

For example nazi scientists did some cruel and evil experiments on humans, but in exchange they got what they wanted.

Often, enemies really are innately evil.

chimpanzees are cruel but have no concept of evil?

But... how do you know that chimpanzees have no concept of evil?

Often, enemies really are innately evil.

Eh, I think this is no innate evil, but people optimizing their behavior around the incentive of getting dopamine jumps, when they show their superiority to people around them while acting as a bully, or self pleasure of knowing they managed to troll someone on the internet forums and thus are better than them.

You gave no examples of evilness but just things that some predisposed people do to get their rewards, because their prehistoric ancestors evolved that way over the course of millions of years. Real evilness would be to do things that give nothing in return, therefore would be irrational to do. There is no real evil in the world, because even a madman doing irrational subjective evil is still rational to himself.

Want to eliminate evil? Just give people some Soma.

Open and Welcome Thread – June 2021

Do you guys think it is worth to learn chinese if I'm planning a career in science?

China is becoming more and more influential in the world, plus in 2020 it's published more scientific papers than USA, most of which are not translated, thus being able to read them would be an advantage. (

I'm not sure how to find information about which country puts more money and is progressing faster in molecular biology/biophysics though.

Open and Welcome Thread - April 2021

Oh my, that's a brilliant gem. Let's follow these. 

Is a Self-Iterating AGI Vulnerable to Thompson-style Trojans?

Wouldn't AI rebuild itself from zero to prevent such trojans anyway? Then it is pointless.

I'm sure AI would be aware of such a threat, for example it could scan the internet and stumble upon posts such as this.

Open loops in fiction

Isn't this another loop that you didn't mention? :P

His admirers

Who are his admirers? Just like who are his enemies.

The Book of HPMOR Fanfics

Cool idea, I haven't gotten to the fanfics yet (I'm at around 40% of the main hpmor story). I'll check it out later.

Which ones are the best? ^^

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