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Pride is something that is not desirable, making yourself more better and also having the feeling that you are more better than others. With this post am now able to understand what pride it's all about and knowing that there are lot of things that we would loose when we are being proud. The main thing i have also noticed and with this post have been able to understand this very well is humility, When you are humble there are lot of things you gain from this then also you can be able to avoid shame and not feel bad about it.

That's great! I have always wanted to solve my problems my own self, with this post am now able to understand how to become rational eliminating those thinking errors and also being able to understand my problems and solving it without any religious belief or intervention. Really a nice post.

A lovely one, with this ideal i can be able to know how a typical EA member should behave, then also know how to behave as one encouraging others also on how to become a good and typical EA member. Then also not just encouraging but making them remain as one. A nice write up which can help to improve giving behavior and changing other people's giving behavior which can have impact in he society. It's really a good thing.

That's true! In life it's best we try to understand why some persons are acting in a particular kind of way, knowing what causes these characters, knowing if these characters are desirable and then going towards advising that person, changing his or her mind by knowing what they're wrong about. By doing this you can be able to explain to that person, giving good ideals and giving advise on areas he can improve more exhibiting characters and attitudes that are desirable to other people and also the society. That's good i think the best thing i have learnt from here is knowing people's fault before trying to correct them, in this way you can be able to determine specific areas that needs improvement in their life style and also being able to change their mind and attitude positively.

Thanks that's really a lovely write up about being an effective donor. I really can understand now, how i can give effectively without having any giving regret, it's best i study and know the right people, the right amount,then also the right time to give which is desirable to me and also studying the right kind of charity organisation to give funds to. My best point here is being smart, with this ideal i can now know the right kind of people to give my funds too, there are lot of people out there who are just pretending to be in different situation in order to extort money from people. It really would be painful when funds are given out to such people who ends up spending this money on women and drinks, that's bad! So am so happy i was able to read this post i now have thorough ideal and knowledge of knowing the best kind of people to release giving funds too.

Wow that's great! I really have learnt a lot from this post such as, knowing how i can make good decisions despite the obstacles that might not allow me to achieve my sets objectives. The story about Dr. Hal Arkes is really a nice one with lot of knowledge to acquire.

I have read blogs on intentional insight which has helped me in seeing reality clearly, knowing the various ways i could become successful while making effective decisions. I have also learnt how i could possibly control my emotions i must admit this has helped me a lot.

Checking blogs about becoming more rational could help in explaining this better. I have read several post on this has helped me a lot they try their best in explaining better what Rationality concept it's all about.

Yeah that's true i also appreciate their efforts in writing good blogs with lot of ideals that could help us become more rational thinkers and also successful in future.

Yeah i agree with you they also have good blogs which could help us in becoming more rational.

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