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Hi, this if my first comment and the second post of this kind that I've read.

Really great post. Help me to tag some ideas on my entire learning experience.

Next, I have thoughts about Feedback loop paradigm. I can recognize two types of loops, one is faster and I found myself using it when I practice my instrument (I'm a professional trumpet player), I won't go deep into this because there're some constrains and I think it cannot be used for exclusive cognitive training, except the part of deliberate continuous practice. The second one, the slow loop, involves more concrete thinking on the exercise and the execution of the steps needed to find a solution, either correct or not.

Back to my recent learning experience, an ICPC training camp (International Collegiate Programming Contest), in some moments I found myself trying to apply the fast framework, without great results of course. 

In conclusion, I'm really interested to be part as a test subject but because I implement kind of this paradigm (in a intuitive form), the progress or results could be not relevant for global results. On the other hand, I think a cheap and fast way to perform loops on Feedback Loops is take a bunch of people from one domain, test the effectiveness to solve a specific situation of another domain, then training them for a couple of weeks and test again in the other domain. Kind of loops of feedback loops.