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I'm pretty sure that programming and reading about programming are much better ways of improving at programming, than reading about rationality is.

right, that's what motivated the post. I feel like spending time learning "domain specific knowledge" is much more effective than "general rationality techniques". like even if you want to get better at three totally different things over the course of a few years, the time spent on the general technique (that could help all three) might not help as much as on exclusively specific techniques.

still, I tend to have faith in abstractions/generality, as my mind has good long-term memory and bad short-term memory. I guess this is... a crisis of faith, if you will. in "recursive personal cognitive enhancement" (lol).


We have the next HPMOR.

can you explain? Sounds interesting.

anecdote: David Ingram (who claims to be enlightened) came to a cogsci lab at my school, and was able to perceive some normally-imperceptible "subliminal" visual stimuli (i.e. X milliseconds long flash or whatever). I heard it from a friend who administered the test, I don't have the raw data or an article, grains of salt and all that.

"... must relinquish bodily pain, embarrassment, and romantic troubles."

that's worse than letting billions of children be tortured to death every year. that's worse than dying from a supernova. that's worse than dying from mass suicide. that's worse than dying because you can't have sex with geniuses to gain their minds and thus avert the cause of death that you die from.

you really think existence without pain is that bad? you really they are not "true humans".

what about the 3WC humans? are they not "true humans" either. only us?

what about those with CIP? what about cold people? are they not "true humans"?

do you think there should be less but non-zero pain in our minds? how much?

ignore the loophole. explain why this superhappy ending is worse than the supernova ending.

literally unbelievable.

maybe that's why he hasn't killed harry after hearing the prophecy.

he needs help in finding his horcrux.

which he won't, because space is huge.

quirrel wants to protect himself from death. and gains the power to do it.

I didn't cry in "Humanism." I didn't cry in "Stanford Prison Experiment." I didn't even cry when Hermione died. But this chapter finally did it for me.

me too :)

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