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I must just say:

Stop talking down on Bohr&Heisenberg when you are doing exactly the same thing. MWI is a joke in the minds of serious physicists. Only David Deutsch (who got the most post-modern crazy ideas in history) claims it's truth, and you jump on the wave.

As Hilary Putnam put it "Because talking about probability in MWI is pointless, the whole hypothesis is incoherent" The bullshit desperate polls people pull up "LOOK HOW MANY BELIEVES IN IT" is a logical fallacy, appeal to authority.

Murray Gell-Man is often presented as a advocate of MWI, but he says he believes in ONE real universe. Hmm? Same with Stephen Hawking. As for Stephen Weinberg, he doesn't even pay attention to interpretations, search for his e-mail exchanges with Shelden Goldstein on the Bohm interpretation.

Bohm pilot wave theory was proposed already in 1926 by de-Broglie but was overlooked because of non locality which has been demonstrated against every loophole. So it really came first, and if it wasn't for Bohr, Heisenberg and Pauli, the quantum mechanics would be bohmian mechanics and solved long time ago. It saves realism, deals with, errrh, predicted non locality, before it was even demonstrated to be a fact of nature. It saves the single universe, energy conservation, the philosophy of SCIENCE and the scientific method and empericism.

Sorry hands down Bohm

MWI can't even be called science, not even pseudo science, pure ficiton.