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Rationality, competitiveness and akrasia

Chore Wars?

Worked for a while in my family - the kids were arguing over who got to clean the toilet for the XP bonus :-)

Yet more "stupid" questions

For YouTube, try right clicking, choose 'Settings...' and uncheck 'Enable hardware acceleration'. Any change?

Yet more "stupid" questions

Does it do this regardless of the software playing the video e.g. YouTube and VLC or WMP or XMBC or whatever you use to play your videos?

Yet more "stupid" questions

Advice for a similar problem is here

Open thread, August 26 - September 1, 2013

Have they checked for rheumatoid arthritis (and not just with a blood test, it doesn't always show)? It took many doctors vists for them to get the correct diagnosis for my wife (despite a history of it in her family).

MIRI's 2013 Summer Matching Challenge

Donated $50 (on top of my automated monthly donation).

Boring Advice Repository

It is the sterotypical thing to talk about, but the point is not the actual weather. It is signal that they would rather be talking to you than be silent. It's an invitation to start a conversation, since people don't routinely come up to you and say 'I would like to being a conversation with you - please suggest a topic'. They say 'Raining again!' instead.

On "Friendly" Immortality

Please don't destroy the world. I'm still using it.

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