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shy people can have an easier time making positive small talk with you if you give them something safe to compliment

Huh, that's a great justification for wearing accessories!

I enjoyed the overall article, but if it hadn't been curated I probably would have given up at the poker example. (Because I doubt an article where deep familiarity with poker was necessary would have been curated, and so I felt fine skipping over the word salad and looking for the general idea.) The basketball one was easy to understand albeit not really engaging for me, and the code review one felt familiar and easy. It's hard (maybe impossible) to come up with examples that will speak to everyone, so I think having several examples is a good strategy. My only note would be to try to start with whichever example you think will be more engaging for the readers you want to attract. Of the three, I would say that is probably the Basketball one, because it’s the least technical, but this is just a guess. Alternatively, start with some kind of introductory sentence that lets the reader know that what follow are examples of a common theme.

HPMOR is full of riddles, but I don't think this is one of them. My interpretation is that this is just a way for the author to "prove" that he had already thought enough ahead to be able to write this.

I usually use, which works fine even on a phone browser, but a quick search shows a number of results for rot13 translator apps.

Unfortunately Luís won't be able to make it. Look for a woman wearing a red shirt and a wide-brimmed hat instead.

There are many tiling window managers for Linux. I like xmonad:

This seems to be a good solution. It worked for my machine out of the box (after clicking though some warnings about how I understand that this is experimental).

Thank you, fixed. We no longer have a Meetup page.

Hey! An instance of HPMOR which is not already heavily commented! I guess this means it is time to read it for the fourth time... Unfortunately everything I want to say now is filled with spoilers. Let's rot13:

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