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I think the most surprising part about your post (and the best part I guess) is discovering how many people in the West have a very poor understanding of how the CCP (and Chinese politics) work. Do you have good newsletters / sites that people could follow?

I would also add that the premise of Katja's argument seems like a pretty thin strawman of the opposition:

Some people: AI might kill everyone. We should design a godlike super-AI of perfect goodness to prevent that.

Others: wow that sounds extremely ambitious

Some people: yeah but it’s very important and also we are extremely smart so idk it could work

[Work on it for a decade and a half] Some people: ok that’s pretty hard, we give up

Others: oh huh shouldn’t we maybe try to stop the building of this dangerous AI?

Some people: hmm, that would involve coordinating numerous people—we may be arrogant enough to think that we might build a god-machine that can take over the world and remake it as a paradise, but we aren’t delusional