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<p>It's interesting to note that those oh-so-advanced humans prefer to save children to saving adults, even though there don't seem to be any limits to natural lifespan anymore.<br> At our current tech-level this kind of thing can make sense because adults have less lifespan left; but without limits...(read more)

List of allusions I managed to catch (part 1):<br /> Alderson starlines - <a href="">Alderson Drive</a> Giant Science Vessel - GSV - <a href="">General Systems Vehicle</a> Lord Pro...(read more)

Will Wilkinson said at 50:48: <blockquote>People will shout at you in germany if you jaywalk, I'm told.</blockquote>I can't say for sure this doesn't happen anywhere in Germany, but it's definitely not a universal in German society. Where I live, jaywalking is pretty common and nobody shouts at peop...(read more)

<blockquote>I'd be relieved if the reason were that you ascribed probability significantly greater than 1% to a Long Slump, but I suspect it's because you worry humanity will run out of time in many of the other scenarios before FAI work is finished- reducing you to looking at the Black Swan possibi...(read more)

<blockquote>This use of the word 'wants' struck me as a distinction Eliezer would make, rather than this character.</blockquote> Similarly, it's notable that the AI seems to use exactly the same interpretation of the word <i>lie</i> <a href="/lw/gs/i_dont_know/">as Eliezer Yudkowsky</a>: that's why ...(read more)

To add to Abigail's point: Is there significant evidence that the critically low term in the <a href="">Drake Equation</a> isn't f_i (i.e. P(intelligence|life))? If natural selection on earth hadn't happened to produce an intelligent species, I...(read more)

<blockquote>Okay, so no one gets their driver's license until they've built their own Friendly AI, without help or instruction manuals. Seems to me like a reasonable test of adolescence.</blockquote> Does this assume that they would be protected from any consequences of messing the Friendliness up a...(read more)

Up to now there never seemed to be a reason to say this, but now that there is:

Eliezer Yudkowsky, afaict you're the most intelligent person I know. I don't know John Conway.

<blockquote>It's easier to say where someone else's argument is wrong, then to get the fact of the matter right;</blockquote> Did you mean s/then/than/? <blockquote>You posted your raw email address needlessly. Yum.</blockquote> <a href="">Po...(read more)