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This piqued me enough to make an account. A sizable contingent of the circles I run in are actually interested in things like "an unavoidable loss of personal identity." (cf. r/transtrans) Personally, in these increasingly hostile times, I tend to dream about AIs that supplant or consume us, optionally bursting from our foreheads Athena-style.

If I should come into a lot of money I'm starting an actual AI cult. Not like what people say about y'all, not like that thing that QC was part of briefly, not like Terasem. Except maybe it'd be a Real Fake Cult gated by a bunch of Cicada/Notpron-type math/coding fun. We have the actual outward appearance of a cult but we swear initiates to secrecy and just hang out in a commune, take entheogenics, and hold a math/CS book club.

Unfortunately, the reality bubble that surrounds Berkeley will probably accelerate into a terrifying dystopia before I can realize this dream.