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When will the next Berkeley meet-up be? April 2 or April 9?

For the benefit of latecomers, would it be possible tomorrow night for someone with a smartphone to post a comment right here to say where the group is, once it's settled down to its meeting location (whether VLSB or Free Speech Cafe or Kevin's house)?

at 7 pm, then move into the atrium in the Valley Life Sciences Building on the Berkeley Campus

According to the calendar on the door (I checked it last night), VLSB closes at 5 p.m. on March 12. Recall that last month the building was also closed when we tried to get in. We can go to the Free Speech Cafe as we did last month, but the indoor area is too small to fit us all, and the outdoor area is likely to be colder than it was during that unseasonably warm evening last month. Still, I think that that outdoor area would be the best choice. Just remember to bundle up!