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It takes humbtion to post here these days (this is a joke, sorry).

Keeping costly promises/contracts after changing into someone who no longer would have agreed to them.

...oh. I was about to PM you with a personal account from the other side of the story to defend the people I thought you were accusing of not saving you, personally, at a small cost or themselves. I still want to point out that had I read your story in the past, I would have taken it for an accusation of practically murdering someone like the author and tortured myself over it.

I'm technically on LessWrong and my biggest reason was desperation. I could PM you most of their answer if you're curious.

You got me, there was no real question. It was all made up for fun. It would be fun to know of a rationalist's experience and interpretation or desire to visit a psychic and whatever unusual circumstances and reasoning led them to it.

Can you think of any good reason to consult any so called psychic?

Does occam's razor require you to prefer the likelier hypothesis? I don't see why I should act as if the more likely case is definitely true.

How often do they actually execute those arrested for buying drugs, as opposed to other punishments? Is the chance of "success" even bigger than that of suicide by hanging, for example? Because ending up imprisoned is not necessarily better than ending up mutilated. On the other hand, if someone is going to purchase illegal drugs for an overdose, is there any reason not to do it in a country with capital punishment as opposed to one in which they'd definitely face years in prison? (OK, those aren't the only two options...)

I got 65%, but don't have the karma to vote.

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