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Omicron Variant Post #2

For me "erosion" has connotations of accumulating damage to something which doesn't seem right here, but either way I know what Zvi means in this context.

Omicron Variant Post #2

Isn't it immune "evasion" or "escape" rather than "erosion"?

(Thanks for the post by the way)

Candy Innovation

These days you can get fruit-flavoured candy that tastes significantly better than what I had as a kid in the 90s. (Though I rarely eat it as an adult because it's still mostly sugar).


edit: standard brands of American commercial candy don't seemed to have changed much though and chocolate in general has not improved.

[Prediction] We are in an Algorithmic Overhang

Can you expand on #3? Do you mean that this is happening now, that it could happen now (ie the data is already out there and just needs to be interpreted), or that it might happen in the near future (eg if brain science gets a bit better)? How sure are you of this?

Where do your eyes go?

I've noticed when I'm getting stressed in a difficult situation in games (including Hades) I tend to look away from the screen, perhaps subconsciously believing that what I can't see won't hurt me. This is of course the total opposite of what you want to do in those situations. Consciously trying to fight this helps somewhat.

How factories were made safe

Good historical summary, but would be better without the political dialogue.

Covid 9/9: Passing the Peak

I'm in Australia and I mostly agree with Zvi here. 200+ days of lockdown is close enough to a year (especially if you include technically-not-lockdown but still heavily restricted) and while I'm also introverted, I'd give it more of a 0.7-0.8 at this point. Doesn't help that I don't enjoy video call socialisation, and even my WoW guild seems a bit subdued lately.

Curing insanity with malaria

Just guessing, but I wonder if this has something to do with the physics of heating something from the inside vs the outside - perhaps to get to a high enough deep internal temperature in a heat bath either takes too long or requires such a high temperature as to hurt the skin and outer body.

One Study, Many Results (Matt Clancy)

If two groups come up with different estimates, that's one thing - if they come up with different estimates with wildly non-overlapping error bars (as in some of these examples) that suggests that there's a problem of overconfidence. Perhaps the reported error bars should be much bigger for this kind of research - though I wouldn't know how to quantify that. 

Fixing the arbitrariness of game depth

An alternative measure might be looking at the curve of Elo vs amount of computation. Deeper games presumably have greater rewards for thinking, so the curve will level off more slowly. This is measurable for computer players - at least after controlling for architecture (neural network vs traditional).

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