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I run a relevant meetup but TBH not sure what the value of this would be (had the same thought about the global one so didn't apply for that either). Our meetup isn't particularly formal or serious so going on a kind of paid "business trip" for it seems a bit odd or wasteful. What's the intention?

I enjoyed this post but the first example is probably too long and technical for anyone not familiar with poker.

>I view it as highly unlikely (<10%) that Putin would accept "Vietnam" without first going nuclear, because it would almost certainly result in him being overthrown and jailed or killed.


Not obvious to me that this is true. If it was, I would have expected more escalation/effort from Russia already by this point.

How much difference would using tactical nuclear weapons actually make?

As this argument implies, getting very high growth rates probably requires getting humans (largely) out of the loop in at least some major fields. Unclear how AGI-complete doing that would be.

Sounds like you might enjoy The Crew: Mission Deep Sea. It's a co-operative trick-taking game, so each hand you draft a few challenges like "I will win exactly 5 tricks", or "I will win the blue 7 and the green 4" and you have to complete those as a team with minimal communication. Each hand plays independently so it can be as long or as short as you want.


My personal favourite board game recently is Dune: Imperium, a midweight Euro mixing worker placement, deckbuilding, and simple combat. The interaction between the cards, worker placement and resource management is tight and fun, and I appreciate the theme (visually it's based on the recent Dune movie). Can be a little long with unexperienced players though.

How will you compete in the market while optimizing for various things other than what players want?

I generally agree with what I read of this but wasn't sure if I should upvote since it was far too long and I skipped most of the last 1/3 or so. So I compromised by upvoting but also making this comment.

Strongly tying AI safety to wokeness in the mind of the public seems like a high-risk strategy, especially with the possibility of a backlash against wokism in the US - the baby might be thrown out with the bathwater.

No, it is not only designed to be beaten (by children), but designed to tick an artificially addictive skill curve as optimally as possible.

Not necessarily true in general. Many games have challenges/achievements that only a small fraction of the playerbase (sometimes less than 1%) get, and even just beating the main story is sometimes less than 10%. (Though just from the stats we can't tell how much of that is lack of skill vs. lack of desire).

To put it another way, some video game challenges are harder than most days at my job as a programmer.

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