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I've been a more than a year without caffeine and glad to be rid of it. Very potent drug which is abused almost ubiquitously.

I forgot to mention True Names by Doctrow and Rosenbaum. One of the best on this subject IMO.

I had read most of this many years ago...not sure why I didn't finish then but glad I did this time. Thanks for the link.

Also I think the answer is to contine to evolve and constantly push against ones limits rather than outsourcing the work andliving a life Iif leisure as the majority did after the change.

I loved accelerando...just read the Chiang story, great but was disapointed by the outcome. I wont discuss why to avoid spoilers

Thanks for the suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Is there really a way of simulating people with whom you interact extensively such that they wouldn't exist in much the same way that you would? In otherwords are p-zombie's possible, or more to the point are they a practical means of simulating a human in sufficient detail to fool a human level intellect.

Just what one experiences, with the external world that we agree upon going by consensus reality. Is that what you were asking.

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