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Hi! comment so everyone gets a msg about this:

Location is The Refter in Zwolle at Bethlehemkerkplein 35a, on the first floor!

If you have trouble finding it feel free to ping me here, on the discord, or the what's app group. Link to discord can be found below!

The ACX meeting on the same day is unfortunately cancelled. For that reason we are extending the deadline for sign up:

If you have a confirmation email, then you can definitely get in.

Otherwise, fill out the form and we'll select 3 people for the remaining spots. If people show up without signing up, they can get in if we are below 20. If we are on 20 or more, then no dice :D

(Currently 17)

Update: So far 11 people have been confirmed for the event. If you filled out the sign up form, but did not receive an email with confirmation, and you think you should, please DM me here on LW.

The last review cycle will be Friday morning, so if you want to attend, be sure to fill out the form before then.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Here is the sign-up form. Please fill it out before Friday. People who are accepted in to the workshop will receive an email to that effect. 

We have hit 15 signups!

Keep an eye on your inboxes for the signup form.

Well damn... Well spotted.

I found the full-text version and will dig in to this next week to see what's up exactly.

Thank you! I wholeheartedly agree to be honest. I've added a footnote to the claim, linking and quoting your comment. Are you comfortable with this?

Oooh gotcha. In that case, we are not remotely any good at avoiding the creation of unaligned humans either! ;)

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