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Hi, just curious what the startup is? I'd love to look into it

Hi! I've made ~800% over the last 6 months with a basic strategy of selling options on highly volatile stocks (which I am confident in) and buying cheap OTM options on less volatile stocks to take advantage of any black swans. One of those black swans was GME, and without GME I'd be closer to a 250% or so increase (take that how you will).

A pretty safe strategy imo is to put most of your account into near-NAV SPAC's, then use margin to sell puts on stocks you would like to own. The SPACs have very little downside risk, and selling puts is fundamentally less risky than owning the stock itself, but you have potentially high returns if the SPACs do well or you are selling puts on highly volatile stocks. 

In general, I believe the average less wronger to be more intelligent than the average trader (possibly even the average professional trader) and thus capable of achieving steady returns which beat the market. Maybe this is just survivorship bias talking, though.