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A lot of historical contigency was needed to make this particular world.

Yes, and a lot of that contingency led to different populations being selected for different things.

> As just one example, if you took the African climate, and the sub-Saharan African prevalence of human disease and parasites, and introduced it to the US in a counterfactual past, I expect US average incomes would be much lower.

Yes, mostly because the territory that is now the US wouldn't have be...(read more)

Theoretically perhaps. That's not how current diversity in tech initiatives are organized.

China's birthrate also rose directly after adopting the one-child-policy.

Is something supposed to be negated in that sentence?

Also, if we can admit HBD is true it will become acceptable to publish social science studies whose conclusions make racial differences in inteligence obvious. Maybe, that will help with the current crisis the social sciences are in.

Imagine trying to do astronomy, or physics, without being able ...(read more)

If HBD is true then all the efforts at "diversity in tech" (not to mention Affirmative Action) are not only a waste of money but counter productive.

Original thread here.

How do you know? Do you have telepathic powers that tell you how someone doing the calling out is feeling inside?

Rationality is about using appropriate emotions, and negative emotions are sometimes appropriate.

Or more pithily, there's no nice way to call out bulls**ters.

Original thread here.

Women (to a much grater extant than men) emotional pair bond after sex. If the resulting encounter doesn't become part of a relationship, or if the relationship falls apart, they feel seriously emotionally hurt. If this happens multiple times, eventually they lose the ability to have healthy relatio...(read more)

I'd be worried that skeptics.stackexchange would attract the same kind of "skeptics" as rationalwiki.