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My problem with this is that Mr. Yudkoswky (of 2006)'s examples (at least Gandhi and Gandalf, the ones I'm familiar with) were <I>not disinterested and impartisan</i>.

(The problem of the disinterested "Wise Man" in <I>general</i>, apart from the inapplicability of these examples, I have no quarrel...(read more)

<I>But if the drive falls into the hands of a specialist with a scanning tunneling microscope, they can tell the difference between "this was a 0, overwritten by a 0" and "this was a 1, overwritten by a 0".</i>

Not really true.

They can tell that there were various 1s and 0s - but telling what <a ...(read more)

What John Maxwell said. I don't memorise the name of my Representatives because <I>I don't need to memorise it</i>. (I do, actually, give lots of thought to politics, but at the level of policy, rather than party or individual.)

If I care what he's done supposedly on my behalf, I can look it up (bu...(read more)