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<p>Psy-Kosh: I was using the example of pure baby eater values and conscious babies to illustrate the post Nick Tarleton linked to rather than apply it to this one.</p>

<p>Michael: if it's "inevitable" that they will encounter aliens then it's inevitable that each fragment will in turn encounter al...(read more)

<p>Nick, note that he treats the pebblesorters in parallel with the humans. The pebblesorters' values lead them to seek primeness and Eliezer optimistically supposes that human values lead humans to seek an analogous rightness.</p>

<p>What Eliezer is trying to say in that post, I think, is that he ...(read more)

It's evidence of my values which are evidence of typical human values. Also, I invite other people to really think if they are so different.

Eliezer tries to derive his morality from human values, rather than simply assuming that it is an objective morality, or asserting it as an arbitrary personal...(read more)

Also, I think I would prefer blowing up the nova instead. The babyeater's children's suffering is unfortunate no doubt but hey, I spend money on ice cream instead of saving starving children in Africa. The superhappies' degrading of their own, more important, civilization is another consideration.

...(read more)

If blowing up Huygens could be effective, why did it even occur to you to blow up Earth before you thought of this?

<p>Sure it's a story, but one with an implicit idea of human terminal values and such.</p>

<p>I'm actually inclined to agree with Faré that they should count the desire to avoid a few relatively minor modifications over the eternal holocaust and suffering of baby-eater children.</p>

<p>I original...(read more)

Actually, I'm not sure if that's what I thought about their intentions towards the babyeaters, but I at least didn't originally expect them to still intend to modify themselves and humanity.

John Maxwell:

No, they are simply implementing the original plan by force.

When I originally read part 5, I jumped to the same conclusion you did, based presumably on my prior expectations of what a reasonable being would do. But then I read <a href=" more)

<p>It seems we are at a disadvantage relative to Eliezer in thinking of alternative endings, since he has a background notion of what things are possible and what aren't, and we have to guess from the story.</p>

<p>Things like:</p>

<p>How quickly can you go from star to star?<br> Does the greater ...(read more)