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I guess there'll be a fair bit of traffic coming from people looking it up?

Well xkcd just reminded me that I have an account here, so there's that. Not that I want to waste time on this crackpot deposit of revisionist history, stolen ideas, poor reasoning and general crank idiocy.

edit: and again I disappear into the night

I didn't answer your question because it was loaded and ridiculous. Quit feigning ignorance to bait for attention, you sad little boy

I suspect if you took a look at your life, there are a lot of things you don't understand.

Having something done to yourself VS doing something to other people, there's really no comparison here. The science is sound.

Not that people with grade school equivalent knowledge of politics are worth arguing with (I mean you by the way). Dunning-Kruger alarm bells ringing. Don't worry, you'll get laid one day

I don't think very many people who are "pro-choice" are actually pro-abortion. The crux of the issue is that people will be getting abortions whether they are legal or not, so there should be a safe option for those people (as opposed to backroom doctor, coat hanger, etc) which requires it to be legal and regulated

I should know better than to explain anything to homeschooled randroids

Most of the freedom and prosperity in the world is due to the military dominance of the entire Anglosphere.

Mind explaining your reasoning? Or is it just jingoism?

edit: option 2 it is, then

I would probably be able to get the same amount of work done in a 30 or even 20 hour week, given the amount of time wasted on meetings/email/waiting for data in an average office. Boss wouldn't want to pay me the same for a 20hr work week though.

The entire community is extremely insular and is weighed down with it's own established ideas. Most of the writers speak with total conviction, absolutely convinced of their own conclusions, despite the entire point of the endeavor being the pursuit of ever increasing amounts of correctness, thus making them 'less wrong'.

It consists mostly of extremely narrow demographics, cutting it's objectivity off at the knees by creating a culture that is perfect for serving as echo chambers despite their criticism of one another. It has also engaged in censorship of ideas, something that CANNOT be allowed in a group that is trying to further rational thought.

Aside from that there is also the personality cult surrounding Eliezer Yudkowsky. Objectivity is impossible if people weight the merit of your arguments by your popularity, which is inevitable in such a situation.

Vitamin D, since sunshine is in short supply all winter where I live

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