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A lot of people will end up falling in love with chatbot personas, with the result that they will become uninterested in dating real people, being happy just to talk to their chatbot.


Good. If substantial number of men do this, dating market will become more tolerable, presumably.

Especially in some countries, where there are absurd demographic imbalances. Some stats from Poland, compared with Ireland (pics are translated using some online util, so they look a bit off):

Ratio of unmarried men / women within a given age bracket (20-24: 1.1; 25-29: 1.33; 30-34: 1.5). Red=Poland, Green=Ireland.

What about singles? 18-30 age bracket, men on the left side, women on the right side. Blue=singles, orange=relationship, gray=marriage. 47% young men are single, compared to 20% of young women.


Some other numbers. I think this is for 15-49 age bracket; single men is mistranslation, it should be unmarried men; M:K should be M:F (male-female). 7.4:1 M:F suicide ratio; apparently 8th highest in the world) 

Also, apparently that M:F suicide ratio is as of 2017; I checked OurWorldInData and it was increasing ~monotonically from 1990 to 2017.  From what I see elsewhere, it stayed at 2017 level to 2020 at least. Men are 4th most suicidal within the EU, women 6th least suicidal in the EU.

Okay, I went off-topic a little bit, but these stats are so curiously bad I couldn't help myself.

Maybe GPT-3 could be used to find LW content related to the new post, using something like this:

Unfortunately, I didn't get around to doing anything with it yet. But it seems useful:

For a more realistic example, consider the DNA sequence for smallpox: I'd definitely rather that nobody knew it, than that people could with some effort find out, even though I don't expect being exposed to that quoted DNA information to harm my own thought processes. it weird that I saved it in a text file? I'm not entirely sure if I've got the correct sequence tho. Just, when I learned that it is available, I couldn't not do it.