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Answer by Sisi ChengMay 22, 202070

A quality pair of active noise-canceling headphone or earbuds. They may seem pricey, but I found that my Bose QuietComfort 20 are worth every penny because:

  • They allow me to focus when I have to work in a noisy environment (open office, home office with a lawn mower outside)
  • They make travel less stressful and more pleasant. Wailing babies are barely audible. I can actually hear audiobooks and movies amidst car and jet engine sounds.
  • I get stress headaches. Cutting out noises help with both prevention and speeding up recovery.
  • They're a godsend when I have to sleep in noisy environments. Thye work way better for me than several ear plugs I've tried.

Apple airpod pros, Bose QC35, and Sony wh1000xm3 are top alternatives if you have different preferences for things like over-the-ear vs. earbud style, bluetooth vs. wired, different shapes for comfort, etc.