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What does the strikeout mean in this context?

Anyway, lots of reasons. Advertises and commits to certain behaviors (re:karma). Slightly odd behavior is useful for gauging social norms (slight perturbation of the system); best by newcomers. Weakly plays with identity (e.g., I am easy to impersonate). Weakly advertises my interests (frivolous). Weakly expresses benign intent for playful behavior (i.e., the names can clearly be linked so not trying to conceal myself; if that ever happens it would be not the reason for my doing it). May let me remain an apparent newcomer longer. Establishes pattern which can be repurposed. Other stuff. Of course, mainly because it's super easy.


I did this to myself as a kid. It was amazingly easy and strong. Downside was that being in the presence of the food also became nauseating (based on odor not sight). It also leached weakly into foods with similar smells. It started to diminish after about 10 years and was mostly gone in 20.