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I think we are settled on the 14th and I decided to go to Blue Baker, a little sandwich chain that is near other kinds of food that we can vote on. We need a time and confirmation of the date.

No worries NMJablonski, I am unflappable. Your high expectations make me soar, etc. You want to do this on a Friday or Saturday? Also I will get the group picture uploaded today and you can edit it into the post. It would also be cool to get the raw transcript from Silas up. I bet there are a lot of Texan Lesswrongians who would come if they knew we talk about Dwarf Fortress, Bitcoin monetary policy, and interstellar colonization pressures, all over delicious Indian food.

I also found the sheer amount of talking incredible. As NMJablonski points out, we settled on the three week date here in College Station to avoid a meeting during finals. Also, it would be 5-14 if we did it on another Saturday. Do you guys want to do a Friday? I don't have class or obligations. I suspect you two are just not using a calendar.

You did a really good job on your first post. This post is also very good at what it sets out to do, that is, pool some of LW's and OB's best ideas on a topic (disagreement) into a few quick nuggets of wisdom. I would prefer more in text citation to previous articles that outline why this course of action is ideal. Good job!

Isnt the secret power of Rationality that it can stand up to review? Religious cults are able to demand extreme loyalty because the people are not presented alternatives and are not able to question the view they are handed. One of our strengths seems to be in discernment and argumentation which naturally leads to fractious in-fighting. What would we call "withholding criticism for the Greater Good"?