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I don't know whether augmentation is the right step after backing off or not, but I do know that the simpler "back off" is a much better message to send to humanity than that. More digestible, more likely to be heard, more likely to be understood, doesn't cause people to peg you as a rational tech bro, doesn't at all sound like the beginning of a sci-fi apocalypse plot line. I could go on.

I have to confess that I did some skimming, and by ctrl-f it looks like I actually read right up to the first half of that paragraph before I got lazy. Fwiw it was due to mental and time constraints and nothing to do with the quality of writing.

I'm not sure if this objection has been pointed out or is even valid.. I think the argument from approximate linearity is probably wrong, even if we're talking editing embryos and not adults. In machine learning we make the learning rate small enough that the map of the error over the parameter space appears linear. This means scaling the gradients way down, but my intuition is that it's minimizing the euclidean distance covered by each step that's "doing the work" of making everything appear flat. If that's correct then flipping 20000 genes is a massive step through gene space compared to flipping just a few and linearity would likely break down. I would expect you can beat sexual selection with methods like you describe, since we can use population studies to get a nice accurate estimate of that "gradient", but getting to IQ 900 or whatever seems a stretch to put it mildly.

A sequence of still frames is a video, if the model was trained on ordered sequences of still frames crammed into the context window, as claimed by the technical report, then it understands video natively. And it would be surprising if it didn't also have some capability for generating video. I'm not sure why audio/video generation isn't mentioned, perhaps the performance in these arenas is not competitive with other models

We still have a hard problem since misuse of AI, for example using it to secure permanent control over the world, would be extremely tempting. Under this assumption outcomes where everyone doesn't die but which are as bad or worse are much more likely than they would be under its negation. I think the answer to avoiding non awful futures looks similar, we agree globally to slow down before the tech could plausibly pose a big risk, probably that means right around yesterday. Except instead of just using the extra time to do scientific research we also make the appropriate changes to our societies/governments.

This seems to me the opposite of a low bandwidth recursion. Having access the the entire context window of the previous iteration minus the first token, it should be pretty obvious that most of the relevant information encoded by the values of the nodes in that iteration could in principal be reconstructed, excepting the unlikely event that first token turns out to be extremely important. And it would be pretty weird if much if that information wasn't actually reconstructed in some sense in the current iteration. An inefficient way to get information from one iteration to the next, if that is your only goal, but plausibly very high bandwidth.

I'm surprised you were only able to predict whether you'd taken caffeine 80% of the time. 200 mg is not a heroic dose, but on little to no tolerance it should be quite noticeable.

And of course if we believe efficiency is the way to go for the next few years, that should scare the shit out of us, it means that even putting all gpu manufacturers out of commission might not be enough to save us should it become obvious that a slowdown is needed

Maybe temporarily efficiency improvements will rule, but surely once the low and medium hanging fruit is exhausted parameter count will once again be ramped up, would bet just about anything on that

However good an idea it is, it's not as good an idea as Aaronson just taking a year off and doing it on his own time, collaborating and sharing whatever he deems appropriate with the greater community. Might be financially inconvenient but is definitely something he could swing.

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