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History class (A.P) we were taught some basic psychology and pattern recognizing.

After snapping(in junior high when i realized that i wasn't suppose to believe in evolution) i spiraled in to a depression/i don't care sort of phase before learn a bout A.I and cryogenics. i snapped by overhearing a girl say she didn't want to learn this(we were in earth sci.) because she didn't believe it. At that point i had no close friends whom i knew to be atheist and felt outside.

(I'm writing this before reading the comments) I to have a similar situation ,with my peers(public school though).

It sounds like you're going for a snap sort of break if it really seems the way to you I'd recommended finding which peers have been through social trauma first and 'break' them.

I'm attempting to 'break' my younger sister (who is the only one in her house who regularly attends church) and I'm succeeding. But, I'm going slowly and i intend to let her finally decided after being brought to the edge.

MoreRight i had this thought and apologize

reasonable minds


rationality brigade

reason (insert word for group)

raison d'être

*(yes, I know, it is not technically a word)

You are not suppose to because they add counters to the end signifying the type of object and how many.

I'm in second year Japaneses and our teacher said that "the phrase i can not not eat is the same as i can not eat" because of the lack of literature double negatives.

as someone who is easily irritated I do not read the comments because they usually irritate me if it were not for the fact that i have nothing better to do today i would have missed this and continued on being greatly confused.

I apologize for the run on sentence.

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