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Fittingly, I… don't think those words actually identify sazen :P I claim that "the thing you get if you do not take inferential distance into account" for most people would be baffled non-comprehension, not active misunderstanding.

Wonderful, thanks! Recording the quote for posterity:

Nothing can be soundly understood 
If daylight itself needs proof.

(Imam al-Haddad⁠, The Sublime Treasures)

Indeed, this is what I use. It feels much more natural to me in the following case, where obviously our statement is not a question:

Dr Johnson kicked a large rock, and said, as his foot rebounded, "Do I refute it thus?".

And "obviously" the full stop should go outside, because of:

Dr Johnson kicked a large rock, and said, as his foot rebounded, "Do I refute it thus?", howling with pain.

And there's nothing special about a question mark, so this rule should be identical if a full stop is substituted.

I will pick a rather large nit: "for example a web server definitely doesn't halt" is true, but for this to be surprising or interesting or a problem for Turing reasons, it just means you are modelling it incorrectly. Agda solves this using corecursion, and the idea is to use a data type that represents a computation that provably never halts. Think infinite streams, defined as "an infinite stream is a pair, $S_0 = (x, S_1)$, where $S_1$ is an infinite stream". This data type will provably keep producing values forever (it is "productive"), and that's what you want for a web server.

I'm pretty sure it's not schools, unless private schools somehow have a massive impact. The case rates were already dropping on July 21st, which is presumably a couple of days after The Event anyway; the summer holidays for state schools (i.e. the vast majority of children) started on the 25th.

Irrelevant nit: the archaic second-person singular of "do" is "dost", as in "dost thou not know". "Doth" is the third-person form, as in "the lady doth protest too much".

For some reason I can't find any relevant hits with Google, but I've heard "support vs advice" described as "sympathy or fascism" before. "I want to moan at you" vs "I want you to take over and solve my problem".

For some years now I have had a Panasonic breadmaker, model SD-ZB2512. It takes less than five minutes in the evening, generating no mess and no washing up (if you use olive oil instead of butter, so as to avoid generating a fatty knife), and you can have hot fresh bread ready-baked as you wake up. The only downside to bread made this way is that you have to slice it. It tastes dramatically better than all but the most expensive shop-bought bread, and the ingredients store in a cupboard for literally months so it's even highly pandemic-proof. Bread that is still hot from the breadmaker is really one of the best foods I know. The breadmaker has literally no cost to upkeep: you don't even need to clean it, as it's basically an oven in a pot.

(Posting this in a spirit of self-congratulation: I wrote up a spiel about what I found confusing, and then realised that I'm confused on a much more fundamental level about the nature of the various explanations and how they relate to each other, and am now going back to reread the various sources rather than writing something unhelpfully confusing about a confused confusion.)

Strong +1 to the idea; I'll be on a different team, but I strongly encourage people to give it a try. I think Hunt 2019 was quite possibly the most fun I have ever had.

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