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March 2017 Media Thread

Does this site have a report button?

March 2017 Media Thread

You don't know what newtonian means, do you?

Whenever a place sinks into the #NeverTrump pit of stupidity, it never crawls back out.

Trump won because the left forgot how to argue rationally, and Trump knew how to make his supporters feel smart for not believing the paranoid moronic more-biased-every-day media. Trump outsmarted every leftist on the planet. At this point, he deserves America, and if he turns out to be half as bad as the libtards say he's going to be, he'll be kicked out in seconds. So why care? Why try to work people up into a paranoid frenzy, when that's failed once before and it'll fail again and again until the left learns how to admit its many flaws and mistakes and learn from them?

Am I Really an X?


What is Feminism doing here? What are we, the Rationalists, or the Irrationalists?

March 2017 Media Thread

Chapter two is up. Would you like to read it, or would you like to giggle about your Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup fantasies?

March 2017 Media Thread

What situation? He had that under control. That kid's head merging with his ass? Might as well throw subtlety out the window and state it directly: JOJO'S STAND DID THAT.

March 2017 Media Thread


This is JJBA, not Powerpuff Girls. You'd know this if you noticed that this story's Jojo is a good guy.

And that is justified in canon. Jonathan Joestar-Summers has a Stand, you'll see it soon.

Double Crux — A Strategy for Resolving Disagreement

No, really, what?

What "Different rules" could someone use to decide what to believe, besides "Because logic and science say so"? "Because my God said so"? "Because these tea leaves said so"?

March 2017 Media Thread

Inspired by HPMOR. After his wife died in a carriage crash, George Joestar remarried himself to a bright young author hiding her works under a pen name, and their son grew up with a taste for literature and the strength of mind necessary for a Stand. Then came his research on the Stone Mask, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit.

Open thread, March 13 - March 19, 2017

I read it.

Which is better, or

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