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Hey guys, notice this meetup was moved to Wednesday, April 30th because there is a Rump Session in Jerusalem on May 1st.

See you soon!

Directions to the location:

Givatayim, Weizman 18, corner of Gush Etzion, Floor 2, Apt 3. Entry from Gush Etzion st, on the building is a Histadrut Haovdim sign.

Weizman street is perpendicular to Katzanelson st, a 15 minute walk from the diamond exchange from Ramat Gan.

To people coming from Jerusalem: Take line 480 from the central bus station, from Arlozorov in Tel Aviv take the bus described further below. There are return buses till 3:00 am.

To people coming from within Tel Aviv by bus:

Take line 55 from the station near the park (next to the protest tents), and get off on "Weiman - Jabotinsky" station. Go back a ways and you're there. The entry is from Gush Etzion st next to the Taxi station in the building with the supermarket.

Line 45, 60 and 160 - get off at "Katzanelson - Gan Hazikaron", walk back on Katzanelson till the corner of Weizman, take a left on Weizman and continue for one block. The apartment is in the building with the supermarket. The entry is from Gush Etzion st next to the Taxi station.

From Azrieli take line 63 from the station on Begin st next to the Azrieli mall. Get off at "Moetzet Hapoalim" and cross the street. The entry is from Gush Etzion st next to the Taxi station in the building with the supermarket.

By Tel-O-Fun bike: There is a station 10 minutes away in Nahalat Yitzhak. Afterwards go to Aliyat Hanoar, walk one block to the left (North) till Katzanelson. Continue on Katzanelson till Weizman. Take a right on Weizman and after one block you are in Gush Etzion st. The entry is from Gush Etzion st next to the Taxi station in the building with the supermarket.

By Car: There is marked municipal public parking which is free at night, but there isn't a lot of it.

Note: We've changed location this time. If anyone needs directions on how to get there, contact me!

The schedule got messed up in formatting. Here is a fixed version:

20:00 - 20:15: Assembly

20:15 - 21:00: Main Talk

21:00 - 22:00: Dinner and Discussion

22:00 - 23:00: Rump session

I'll be there as a well.

We now have a location: Maze 9, Tel Aviv.

There is a nearby parking lot Balfour 6 (Big, close and somewhat expensive) Or if you'd rather not enter the center of town, there is a big, cheap parking lot at Harakevet 20 thats really easy to get to from out of town and is a 10 minute walk away.

Sometimes playing "the offended party" in a social situation has its advantages - especially when dealing with less rational people. Some people find it easier to empathize with you if you show signs of being offended, when all you are is unhappy with a certain state of affairs. I believe this has a net positive effect in certain situations - but must be used with caution because if you are actually offended it might reinforce that behaviour in you.

I'm also not sure if hiding your emotions like that is OK. (as in, morally solid and a good long-term strategy for socializing)

Also (as you stated in part 5), its worse to be offended and not know it. I haven't found a way to stay away from that aside from actually letting myself be offended for a few seconds or minutes before trying to deal with it every so often. Do you have a more effective method?

True. I was giving the ambiguity as an example of something people say to claim a policy won't work, without hashing out what that actually means in real execution. Almost every policy is somewhat ambiguous, yet there are many good policies.


Beware Evaporative Cooling of Group Beliefs.

I am for the policy, although heavy-heartedly. I feel that one of the pillars of Rationality is that there should be no Stop Signs and this policy might produce some. On the other hand, I think PR is important, and that we must be aware of evaporative cooling that might happen if it is not applied.

On a neutral note - We aren't enemies here. We all have very similar utility functions, with slightly different weights on certain terminal values (PR) - which is understandable as some of us have more or less to lose from LW's PR.

To convince Eliezer - you must show him a model of the world given the policy that causes ill effects he finds worse than the positive effects of enacting the policy. If you just tell him "Your policy is flawed due to ambiguitiy in description" or "You have, in the past, said things that are not consistent with this policy" - I place low probability on him significantly changing his mind. You should take this as a sign that you are Straw-manning Eliezer, when you should be Steel-manning him.

Also, how about some creative solutions? An special post tag that must be applied to posts that condone hypothetical violence which causes them to only be seen to registered users - and displays a disclaimer above the post warning against the nature of the post? That should mitigate 99% of the PR effect. Or, your better, more creative idea. Go.

I agree with what you say, and would like to point out that being partially replaceable is also a virtue.

It is said that a good manager is judged in his absence. Furthermore, really good ones don't seem to be doing much at all. My point that while being wholly replaceable is a virtue, as you described - but being partially replaceable is also a virtue, to any small degree of replaceableness.

While Anne could either obfuscate the DB to gain job security and create pains for her replacement, or clearly document it and put her job at risk - either are problematic. What if she has a family? Supporting your family is also virtuous.

What she can do is find the sweet spot and mostly-win on both counts.

Anyhow, having the capability to make yourself replaceable if required tends to make you much more valuable to an organization from my experience - and would actually raise your job security. So, usually its a win-win to be replaceable and wouldn't hire someone who thinks otherwise.

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