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Ahh good point, sorry I didn't notice that. I'll update the post shortly.

Thanks for checking! The Libsyn feed has been redirected, it's now hosted on BuzzSprout. All new episodes should still be going to all the platforms. Are you having trouble with any of the platforms, or just the Libsyn site itself? That one won't work anymore, unfortunately.

See here: 

Please share your feedback here or in the comments on that post, it's helpful for our decision-making on this :)

Big +1 to playing with others, especially others around the same level or slightly better or worse.
Motivation is one thing, but it's also just... healthier. One's musical 'practice' can't be totally inward-looking, that's when perfectionism starts to bite. Orchestra forces you to compromise and actually learn and perform music, gets you out of the practice room, and generally turbocharges your learning by exposing you to a more varied set of demands on your playing and musicality.
Super hard mode is forming a string quartet with others, since your playing is super exposed and it forces you to stay in time and balance your sound with others. 

Thanks for the feedback!

The audio reflecting updates to the text is relatively easily fixed, and that feature is in the pipeline (though for now user reports are helpful for this.)

There's some fairly complex logic we use for lists — trying to prevent having too many repetitive audio notes, but also keeping those notes when they're helpful. We're still experimenting with it, so thanks for pointing out those formatting issues!


You'd probably want to factor in some time for making basic corrections to pronunciation, too.
ElevenLabs is pretty awesome but in my experience can be a little unpredictable with specialist terminology, of which HPMOR has... a lot.
It wouldn't be crazy to do an ElevenLabs version of it with multiple voices etc., but you're looking at significant human time to get that all right.

It's unlikely we'll ever actually GENERATE narrations for every post on LessWrong (distribution of listening time would be extremely long-tailed), but it's plausible if the service continues that we'll be able to enable the player on all LW posts above a certain Karma threshold, as well as certain important sequences.
If you have specific sequences or posts in mind, feel free to send them to us to be added to our list!

This is great to hear, and please feel free to contact us with any other features or improvements you'd find helpful :)

Ha, oops! Yeah, there's a lot of specialist terminology, we find feedback like this really helpful as often we're able to quickly fix this.

Currently we can trigger this if someone requests it, and we have a feature in the pipeline to detect significant changes automatically and re-narrate. 

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