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Too right to write

The correlation between "bothers to have an opinion on correctness of others' writing" and "knows what the correct answer actually is" seems too high.

(Edit: I'm reading between the lines and assuming you're saying you think the cohort of people who actually care enough about faze/phase to be judgemental about it, but don't themselves know the correct spelling is 'faze', is small.)

This is very interesting. I certainly agree this is our point of difference – I think there's a big cohort out there with strong, judgey opinions about 'correctness' and an active interest in spelling and grammar as a way of displaying status. These people also happen to very frequently be wrong. 

But this might well me me typical minding and I'll try to think about this group more rigorously in my next post about this. 

Too right to write

Just pitching in on the last two: there's an abbreviated register of speech in English called 'note-taking register' that has crept its way into a lot of parts of speech and writing, including website navigation. Dropping the definite article (or most articles in general) is a core part of that register.

Note taking = abbreviated English register. Has crept into parts of speech, writing inc. website nav. Dropping definite article core part of register.

I suspect dropping the definite article in 'refresh page' is not related to definiteness, it's a linguistic tendency towards abbreviation. Funnily enough, it's a trait shared by the stereotypical 'robot voice', as well as 'baby voice' and some others. 

The Best Software For Every Need

Software: Newsfeed Eradicator + Leechblock NG

Need: Resilient self-control/anti-akrasia for web browsing.

Other programs I've tried: Stayfocusd, Forest

The problem with Stayfocusd and any website blocker is that, invariably, you have to navigate to a given tweet or youtube video or facebook profile, for legitimate reasons, and it means you have to go and deactivate the plugin. This is bad because 1. it trains you to do this action and 2. It incentivises you to avoid making deactivating the plugin too tricky.

Newsfeed Eradicator kills only the problem parts of social media apps. I can still check individual subreddits. I can still visit a Facebook page. I can still watch a YouTube video. I just don't get served recommendations, I don't get exposed to a scrolling feed. This has transformed how I use e.g. YouTube, where I now cultivate my library of channels I subscribe to and get new content via the subscriptions page, rather than passively browsing algorithmic recommendations.

I pair this with Leechblock NG to block websites I don't want to visit at all. The number of options is STAGGERING compared with Stayfocusd. I can create different categories of blocker, I can program different behaviours, Time-delays instead of blocking if you want. You're not just stuck with 'x minutes per day', you can have 'x minutes per hour, replenishing every hour.' if you want. The list goes on. 

The LessWrong 2018 Book is Available for Pre-order

I do the SSC Podcast; one of my patreon supporters said he'd be really keen to have this as an audiobook. I'd certainly be keen to get an idea of the demand for that and could potentially make it happen if it seemed like it would be useful. If you wanted to chat about it you can get me on Thanks!