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A mental postures I have when doing good rationality is - Love to be wrong / Want to change my idea

This argument has been very very helpful in my thinking those last few weeks and I want to thank you for it. I'm walking an increasingly spiritual path in my life, but this article lays a solid foundation for my thinking: yes, emotions can be amazing and they pretty much run the show; yes, you can only access those deep transcendental feeling by being in this 'mythic' mode where you see crazy coincidences; but no, they don't have to be truths about the nature of the world, and it is important to be able to navigate both to lead a fully satisfying life.

I can now see why this comment is problematic; hidden judgements, not just facts and reasons. I’m maintaining it because I lost karma for it and don’t want to de-incriminate myself. I’m planning this comment will make me look good but not expecting karma back although I obviously want it.

Making my upvote known. I wish you well and hope you’ll be able to figure out what’s real and what’s self deception when it comes to chemistry, as often it’s superficial things like “he/she resists me”, which disappear sooner or later, that drive your impression.

Agreed about the hyperbole although don't have mental energy left for reasons xyz. The question about LDRs isn't whether they exist, which they obviously do, but about whether they're not easily replaceable for a much higher reward situation, ie love in the same location.

Don't mean to sound harsh and this will certainly sound unfeasible if you're deep in love or lacking the resources to spark new ones, but a person, man or woman, can get much, much better than a LDR, and I make myself sorry to read about one.

If I was in you place and valued my time at all, and the expected benefit of my time alive, I'd drop the relationship and get a new one.

The One is a myth. In need of love we'll accept a lot of things we think we now think we can't, and get over them or even come to love them and think our old preferences were ridiculous. You'll probably be extremely sad for a while. If you don't make identity of it and move on with action (ie actually seeing other people, not just telling yourself 'I Need To Move On', which has the opposite effect), you'll be better off.

Actually most are merino wool, one is half cotton half linen, one is made with heavier cotton and treated with indigo to give a blue jeans color and effect.

Longer fibers are more resistant; and thinner fiber are softer against the skin. Linen is rough but has some very interesting properties like thermoregulation.

This is anecdotal but two brands I own and like are Atelier Particulier and Anderson’s. Check out the website also 😊

You’re right about the images. I want to add some. It was making me procrastinate so I decided to just post it without them. I don’t think however that you need me to know what light or dark is. For something like a chino though you’re right. For those who don’t know; they’re the simple cotton-made trousers that aren’t jeans (can’t think of a better pointer).

As for the r/malefashionadvice, never read in my life, so you’re somewhat mind-fallacy-ing me here. The French blog is my main reference. As well as their YouTube channel which has some translated videos. I’ll link the YouTube and r/malefashionadvice at the end of the article.

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