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Slate Star Codex: alternative comment threads on LessWrong?

I have made bootleg PDFs in LaTeX of some of my favorite SSC posts, and gotten him to sign printed out and bound versions of them. At some point I might make my SSC-to-LaTeX script public...

State of the Solstice 2014

I feel exactly the same way about the controversial opinions.

Open thread, Oct. 6 - Oct. 12, 2014

I used to work at App Academy, and have written about my experiences here and here.

You will have a lot of LW company in the Bay Area (including me!) There will be another LWer who isn't Ozy in that session too.

I'm happy to talk to you in private if you have any more questions.

[link] Guide on How to Learn Programming

Zipfian Academy is a bootcamp for data science, but it's the only non web dev bootcamp I know about.

Open Thread April 8 - April 14 2014

I work at App Academy, and I'm very happy to discuss App Academy and other coding bootcamps with anyone who wants to talk about them with me.

I have previously Skyped LWers to help them prepare for the interview.

Contact me at if interested (or in comments here).

Self-Congratulatory Rationalism

I don't know for sure Alicorn and I would continue to disagree about the ethics of white lies if we talked it out thoroughly, but it wouldn't remotely surprise me.

That's a moral disagreement, not a factual disagreement. Alicorn is a deontologist, and you guys probably wouldn't be able to reach consensus on that no matter how hard you tried.

Methods for treating depression

I interpreted that bit as "If you're the kind of person who is able to do this kind of thing, then self-administered CBT is a great idea."

Rationalists Are Less Credulous But Better At Taking Ideas Seriously

Of the people who graduated more than 6 months ago and looked for jobs (as opposed to going to university or something), all have jobs.

About 5% of people drop out of the program.

Rationalists Are Less Credulous But Better At Taking Ideas Seriously

You make a good point. But none of the people I've discussed this with who didn't want to do App Academy cite those reasons.

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