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Intrinsic motivation is crucial for overcoming akrasia

Formatting note: something seems to have deleted a couple of your time units:

I spent ~1500 working on genuinely original scientific research.


which subsumes the 100 old Poincare conjecture,

FAI Research Constraints and AGI Side Effects

Why do we need the full tower? Why couldn't it be the case that just one (or some other finite number) of the Turing Oracle levels are physically possible?

FAI Research Constraints and AGI Side Effects

We don't know that it's physically impossible, although it does look that way, but even if we did that doesn't mean it's contradictory, not to the extent that using it you'll "mostly derive paradox theorems and contradictions".

FAI Research Constraints and AGI Side Effects

Why do you think that a hypercomputer is inherently contradictory?

Online Social Groups?

The LW Tumblr contingent has a Skype group.

If You Like This Orange...

The relevant test is 'Do I want to see more things like this on LW', and the answer is no, because I value clarity more than seeing things I would agree with did I understand them.

Open thread, Mar. 16 - Mar. 22, 2015

Interestingly, both concepts seem worthwhile to me... and I mostly advocate a combination of hedonistic and preference utilitarianism.

[FINAL CHAPTER] Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, March 2015, chapter 122

Eliezer said this would just have been Harry antimatter-suiciding and Hermione waking up in a flaming crater.

Announcement: The Sequences eBook will be released in mid-March

Is the novel content written by you, Eliezer, or others?

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