All of Yudkowsky's Lesswrong Posts in one .epub

Yudkowsky' Lesswrong Posts NOT INCLUDED in RAZ: Rationality From AI to Zombies


add: Some of the lasts posts are missing. Were not included when I create this .epub

All of Yudkowsky's Lesswrong Posts in one .epub

This file include ALL Yudkowsky’s posts from Lesswrong. This means it contains RAZ. I have a handcrafted .epub with all his posts that are not in RAZ. I will find it and post it here. Stay tuned.

Yes, it’s posible to do the same with other authors.

A Rationalist's Guide to...

Could you share your list of Eliezer recommended books?

Rationality: Abridged

iBooks and Marvin apps (iOS).

Rationality: Abridged

The epub version doesn’t work. The file contain errors.

Rationality: Abridged

Could someone convert it to epub, please?

Nice work, Quaerendo!

Open Thread - January 2018

We need an open forum to post questions, ask for advice and other minor things. An open thread doesn’t feel enough for me.

Open thread, November 13 - November 20, 2017

Both Lesswrong and Lesserwrong lack an open forum to ask questions. I’ve always felt this is a big limitation since both sites only allow posting essays and links to essays.

A simple forum or subforum which allowed asking questions or posts simple thoughts will improve the overall dynamic.

And no, a weekly ‘open thread‘ is not enough. It is only a little parchment.

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