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These listings don't clearly list fresnel lens as a feature / component, did you order yourself to confirm? And can you advise on the best search terms?

This was truly elucidating for a cis male with evidently low openness. I've long experienced cognitive dissonance between my purported liberalism wrt what people do to their own bodies and the offense I took toward gender identity and early medical/surgical interventions. Due to the cognitive dissonance, I've avoided honest deep dives into the topic, and this was a great introduction to a thesis that I could actually swallow. 

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Here's a 4 time board certified MD's primer on light that mentions the paper (and related research): 

Other highlights:

  • Sun exposure decreases all cause mortality, including from melanoma
  • Sun exposure has beneficial effect on brain volume in multiple sclerosis, independent of consequent vit D

As your background is in optics, can I get your opinion on this paper on the intersection of indoor lighting, optics and our responses to light wavelengths, and public health:

To me it's on the knife's edge separating woo and legitimate niche research, I would like an educated opinion.