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If anyone is wondering what "cfrhqb-fpvragvsvp enpvny VD fgngvfgvpf" means; it's ROT13-encoded.

Hi, I'm the creator of TPPStreamerBot. I used to be an avid participant in Twitch Plays Pokémon, and some people in the community had created a live updater feed on Reddit which I sometimes contributed to. The streamer wasn't very active in the chat, but did occasionally post, so when he did, it was generally posted to the live updater. (e.g. "[Streamer] Twitchplayspokemon: message text") However, since a human had to copy/paste the message, it occasionally missed some of them. That's where TPPStreamerBot came in. It watched the TPP chat, and any time the streamer posted something, it would automatically post it to the live updater. It worked pretty well.

This actually isn't the first time I've seen weird behavior with that token. One time, I decided to type "saralexxia", my DeviantArt username, into TalkToTransformer to see what it would fill in. The completion contained "/u/TPPStreamerBot", as well as some text in the format of its update posts. What made this really bizarre is that I never used this username for anything related to TPPStreamerBot; at the time, the only username I had ever used in connection with that was "flarn2006". In fact, I had intentionally kept my "saralexxia" identity separate, because back then, I wasn't comfortable with publicly associating the stuff I posted on DeviantArt with my main identity. Though I wasn't worried about the possibility of a leak—I was just in shock and awe at the coincidence.

I actually took a screenshot of the TalkToTransformer completion for this reason. Here it is: (The "[Screenshot]" thing was part of a secondary function I later added to the bot.)

Oh, also, SolidGoldMagikarp was the username of another person involved in the Twitch Plays Pokémon community.

If that's what you're really interested in, then join the AI Dungeon Discord server: