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Welcome to Less Wrong! (5th thread, March 2013)

aw, he still thinks ad hominem is cute

you should respect norm-violating lesswrong posters more

especially when someone around you goes all "yeah, thank you :D"

Welcome to Less Wrong! (5th thread, March 2013)
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Welcome to Less Wrong! (5th thread, March 2013)

spellcheck is so easy you have no excuse

bad grammar is less painful than doesn't-even-care-to-spellcheck

Working hurts less than procrastinating, we fear the twinge of starting

Eesh, there are certainly people like those two categories, but it's usually used as rather of a false dichotomy.

Bead Jar Guesses

What if you know jar A is 80% red and jar B is 0% red, and you know you're looking at one of them, and your confidence that it's A is 0.625? Then you have probability 0.5 that a bead chosen from the jar in front of you is red, but will update upwards with probability 0.625 if you're given the information of which jar you're looking at.

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