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you want interesting? I would recommend doing part time Mental Health Technician. You usually only need a HS diploma (or Bachelor's, depending on the state and/or the quality of the facility.) It's basically helping out on inpatient psychiatric units.

It's REALLY interesting, and you get to spend time with interesting and bizarre people, and it can be quite fulfilling. You also get to REALLY develop your interpersonal skills. I laugh when customer service people complain that they deal with difficult people all day. "Really? Was she schizoaffective? Did she start urinating into a styrofoam cup in front of 20 people, then throw it at you?" (HMM, maybe I'm not doing the best job selling it.)

I did it for years, and after a while, the system started to get me down. But I really learned a lot from it, it's interesting, and they're almost always hiring.

Pay is usually 10-$12 an hour, depending on where you are. Three shifts.