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November 2014 Monthly Bragging Thread

Last weekend, I presented on three resolutions in front of the General Assembly of the Student Senate Of California Community Colleges. (Resolutions are kind of like laws that the Student Senate can get all the community colleges in california to follow - if enough delegates vote for them at the aforementioned GA, an event which happens once a semester.) I'd written all three of those resolutions. The audience numbered around 700 including the 80 delegates. All three resolutions passed.

November 2014 Monthly Bragging Thread

I have to admit, this is pretty damn impressive, no matter how basic people seem to think those skills should be.

2014 Less Wrong Census/Survey

I did the survey! I decided to say I didn't believe in god, even though I think there's a high probability of the universe being a simulation, because I don't count a simulation as supernatural. Supernatural is something that requires the universe to be non-reductionist, in my opinion.