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The phrase makes some kind of sense to me (although not in that particular case), so in case you're not just trying to drop a [geeky reference](, let me try to explain what I make of this phrase.

Assume members of alien species X have two reasoning modes A...(read more)

I think if you make sure that there is no adverse "set and setting", the hit-chances might be pretty good.

Two quotes from an [article]( describing a study.

"Twenty-two out of the 36 volunteers described a so-called mystical experience,...(read more)

First of all: Hi all.

I've been thinking about Ramachandran's theory a lot since reading first about it. One of the things it does very neatly, is offer a possible explanation of why psychedelics work the way they do.

Let me explain what I mean. One of the things that has always baffled me about...(read more)