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So there's no "quantum leap", that is promised by meta-rationalists, or am I missing something?

many rationalists do say, either explicitly or implicitly, that there is one true map

I agree that one-true-map rationalism is rather naive

For me, the philosophical implications of: "there is no one true map" was the first quantum leap. How is this statement not a big deal?

I think it's less a case of over-representation and more a case of a group of people who believe strongly in giving honest answers to survey questions in order to get good data and who are reasonably sure their privacy will be protected. Most surveys on sexuality suffer from reluctance to self-report. This (and last year's) figure for bisexuality in particular is more in line with my anecdotal & lived experience than 'official' survey data on the topic (bisexual people <1% population).

Bisexual people (and bisexual men in particular) do exist! Yay! (We knew that, lol).

I think using wait culture is a good solution to this problem about audience/speaker perceptions highlighted on Overcoming Bias. It can also draw out anyone who is shy, has a quiet voice or is a non-native speaker. This is relevant in the London LessWrong group, for example, where we have a very broad range of conversational styles/people.

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