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Androgens are not scribed for depression. Legally they're considered to be hard drugs. It will take you all of five minutes to get a script for oxy but getting a script for testosterone is very difficult indeed (or was. TRT is more of a thing these days). This is less a medical issue and more of a cultural one.

Testosterone has mood altering effects (as anyone that has had a male puberty can attest). Those effects can be positive but there is no guarantee thereof. This is something you can try without significant difficultly, you will see effects almost immediately, and you'll have a good idea whether it is a help or hinderance based on that.

You have your fall back position of retreat here, and very little to lose by experimenting with ways to break out of the behavioural loop you're stuck in. People alter their behaviour in response to your own. Therefore you can make iterative changes and observe the effects. 

That's all I'm trying to get you to consider.

I'd do little more than write a role on a card (politician, corporate interest, activist, police, teacher, parent, student, etc.), and probably public and private motivations to prompt people beyond the obvious. Then you just let them at each other.

All this comes down to is putting people in situations of asymmetric power dynamics. Then it's just a matter of seeing how power corrupts. 

Then when you had a play through or two and made sure nobody's completely traumatised^(1) or anything like that you have a debrief. That's when you disclose player's private motivations and then discuss the implications, both in game and in the real world. You say "If the role on this card corresponds to a real person or entity, who do you think it might be and why?".

You don't have to be abstract or speculate about actions and motivations when your students just did it right in front of you and to each other. When the player with a particular card roleplays organising a school strike and then in the debrief the private motivation is revealed as "You will be paid $10M by lobby group X if you can organise a school strike" you'll literally see the lightbulbs go on, and without ever having to actually name Ms. Thunberg at all. 

The other aspect is that if you're going to criticise the motivations and actions of others then you better be ready to put your money where your mouth is. That means that the second half of the lesson has to involve doing something practical that is more effective for the environment than a school strike. 

  1. That is a non-trivial risk of these kind of games involving defection and deceit. Everyone should think very carefully before they black pill anyone, let alone a bunch of minors. 

Persuasion will most likely fail.

Learn how to deal with people unlike yourself without having to convert them to your beliefs or run away from them. The sooner you figure this out, the less avoidable suffering you'll have to endure.

Plausible solutions are middle grounds and / or moving out.

Here's a radical idea: if you don't like being at home, don't be at home.

Go out and get a job. That will get you some money, actual real world experience, and external perspectives that you currently lack.

If there was something I wish were taught in schools it would be more practical roleplaying. It would take all of an hour to give students turns as the various stakeholders in this scenario for them to gain an understanding of why a school strike is pointless, and what might work instead.

  1. Slight of hand:

    If you're not bothered by injections and have appropriate technique then all you have to do is shoot saline in front of your mother.
  2. Operant conditioning:

    Apply the gold standard of animal training. Reward positive behaviours, ignore negative ones.

    The obvious problem with using OC on your relatives is that you typically have care for them. Micromanaging every interaction kills any hope of honesty or intimacy. They're just problems to be managed, not people you can actually share anything with.
  3. This situation is a test. It is not the last time you will be confronted with this kind of thing. If you favour science, then what do you think your logical course of action should be if prior courses have failed?

Pyrolysis and then burying the char as a soil amendment.

I always try using my code editor hotkeys while editing text in non-coding contexts

AutoHotKey or other remapping/scripting utility perhaps?

Even if you can't remap usefully within context at least you can stop it from doing something annoying.

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