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What was your reasoning for deciding whether to raise children?

Your identity is indivisible from your body. Ergo, anything that influences your body significantly will change who you are.

As a good example, most people don't even think about what ageing does to their identity. You're not the same person you were a year ago, ten years ago, etc. Is that destruction or merely transformation?

Dishwasher Filter

Based on my experience of dealing with other people: if it isn't nailed to the fucking floor you can expect it to be moved at the very least, if not simply stolen outright.

If something can be removed to be cleaned as this can then the most likely scenario is that it was, and it wasn't ever put back together correctly.

The real question is why doesn't the machine have sufficient sensors to indicate what's wrong at the very least? I don't see why an important removable part such as this filter couldn't have some sort of sensor attached to make sure it's actually there (magnet and hall effect sensor?).

What was your reasoning for deciding whether to raise children?

That's easy: they were there.

You didn't ask about having children, you asked about raising them. I have dumped so much time and money into my nieces and nephews that I should be listed somewhere on the birth certificates.

I will never have biological children of my own for many good reasons, foremost being I have significant mental illness. I'm not about to pass that biological curse onto anyone else.

How likely is the COVID-19 apocalyptic scenario?

The human race has survived diseases for far longer than we've had antibiotic or other modern medical interventions. We used to get by with a 50% child mortality rate, a significant maternal death rate, dropping dead from a scratch, etc.

Many of us dying, even in close succession, isn't the same as all of us dying.

Don't Use Facebook Blocking

Considering that facebook is designed around facilitating gossip then it could be that this is entirely intentional rather than a broken implementation.

Why don't we tape surgical masks to the face to seal them airtight?

Surgical masks aren't of the same grade of filtering material that N95 is, so taping them up is probably pointless.

My understanding is surgical masks are primarily about protecting the patient/others from one's own germs, not the other way around. All the covid wards I've seen are using N95 masks plus face shields and other PPE. There are plenty of photos of clinicians with marks and wounds on their faces from their PPE, so I assume that they can do a near airtight fit when used correctly.

The question I have is can we make a hood that has an N95 filter and is run at positive pressure with a pump? That's going to be the reverse of a surgical mask (ie. it will spray your germs everywhere but prevent other people's germs getting to you).

Ethernet Is Worth It For Video Calls

+1 for asynch. +1 for not having to talk to a person at all.

The copper network may or may not be maintained depending on which country and where you are. Here in AU, the copper has been rolled into the NBN (which is a big part of why the NBN is so shit for lots of people).

Copper is crap for redundancy. Wireless is a better option because you can get one tower working in a disaster and service an entire cell with it. My fantasy scenario would be IP6 over spread spectrum with proper QOS to manage congestion and implement graceful failure. We have limited bandwidth so squeezing every bit of utility from the entire spectrum is just good stewardship. That being said, giving that much power to anyone is always a mistake.

Ethernet Is Worth It For Video Calls
not every device needs to be wired

If it doesn't move then unless you have a very good reason not to just wire it.

That being said, the vast majority of people won't notice or care, so YMMV.

Discussion about COVID-19 non-scientific origins considered harmful

Which is why I used the word some and not the word all.

I think there is far more evidence to support the idea of open communication than censorship or secrecy as a general good. The ability to communicate freely is a net positive despite any individual failures.

This entire subject is predicated on the idea of harmful knowledge. I'm not convinced that's a real thing.

Discussion about COVID-19 non-scientific origins considered harmful

If that thesis is true then OP's suggestion for censorship is redundant.

Clearly speech can persuade, and proofs are a subset of that persuasion. If something can be shown to be true then some will change their views based on that.

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